Lunches / Menus / Drink


Lunch is served Wednesday to Friday only.

Includes salads, coffee, tea, and dessert..

South-African Chakalaka (V, L, G) 12.00

Indigenous South African staple made from different fresh veggies and baked beans.

Served with white rice.

Tofu and Spinach cooked in Tomato Sauce. (V, L, G) 12.00

Smoked tofu and spinach cooked in tomato broth.

Served with white rice.

Nigerian Style Chicken Sauce (L, G) 13.00

Chicken cooked in bell pepper sauce with oriental spices.

Served with white rice.

Chicken Tagine (L) 13.00

Traditional Moroccan dish of chicken braised with spices, garlic, onion, olives, and preserved lemons.

Served with couscous.

Chraime Fish (L, G) 14.00

Northern African dish. A tangy, warmly spiced tomato sauce that compliments and soft, flaky fish.

Served with white rice or couscous

Somali Bariis with Lamb (L, G) 14.00

Underdog Somali flavoured rice, cooked with different ethnic spices and raisins. Served with Lamb.

Safari Mix 15.00

Choose any of the 3 above.